The Plot Thickens

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, March 21, 2008 with 3 comments
Went bloghopping yesterday and guess what I chanced upon? Um, just the most talked about blog in the Big Double M: Brian Gorrell's "The Tatented Mr. Montano." This blogger's post makes "'Gossip Girl' look like a Disney musical," and that's Philippine Daily Inquirer saying. To give the uninitiated the whole nine yards as to what the hullabaloo is all about, I guess a drop at the Gucci Gang Controversy on Wikipedia will shed some light.

I've never been privy into the lives of the so-called Manila elite and have not heard of some of the personalities involved, especially who Mr. DJ Montano is. From what I've gathered, he's like a relative of some politician and has also graced (ghostwritten?) the pages of the lifestyle section of the Philippine Star. What has piqued my curiosity is the involvement of Celine Lopez, who my friend adores for her fashion-sense and her knack for writing, and Tim Yap, who--well is Tim Yap; no need to elaborate. My friend would totally be blown away if she finds out what Brian has to say about Celine, and no spoilers here. And Tim Yap, that "elevator head" thing just whacked the hell out of me. The Manila social scene will never be the same again after Gorrell's Blogspot entries confirmed what has been playing on the minds of the people all along.

Brian's latest post, "The Star," wants to put pressure on the management of the broadsheet where Tim, DJ, and Celine write, calling it "The 'Pimp' paper, Whoring out its writers, Selling their souls for some tittle tattle." This guy surely has the balls, and people are admiring him for that. Hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned, and there's no stopping Mr. Gorrell until he gets his life back. And boy, the plot just thickens, don't you think? And it has kept 30,000 readers or so a day coming back for more and leaving comments that are as atomic as the blogs he writes.