On Hotlinking Images

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 with 9 comments

The other day, reading through messages on my chatbox, somebody left this for me to read: “STOP HOTLINKING OUR IMAGES. We don’t care if you use them but save it and use your own bandwidth. Not cool at all.” As a blogger who likes putting emoticons on my blog entries, I was suddenly on the defense mode.

A link to their site was provided by UofMom, but their URL address of the same name doesn’t ring a bell, so I was at a lost as to why she would make the assumption that I did. Giving both of us the benefit of the doubt, I checked the URLs of all the smileys I used starting January of this year, yet the link to their site is nowhere to be found. I even asked her as to what particular image it is that I hotlinked so I could have it removed asap, yet I didn’t get any reply. It couldn’t be possibly those I used last year as it was only recently that I started getting emoticons from sites that I just chance upon via googling for the ones appropriate for my blogs (most of the time I get my emoticons from Smileys4me, deviantART, and freesmileys.org). I didn’t even know that hotlinking images affect one’s bandwidth and stuff like that (do they really?). As to why the message, it’s beyond me.

I love them smileys. One time, I even blurted out to a friend that I want to be one (he-he), or at least have one made of myself, my very own Kadzemoticon, sporting a long, one-sided do, with the mustache, the goatee, and that tuft of hair under the lower lip (it’s called a soul patch by the way). But alas, I haven’t seen my little yellowish, rotund counterpart yet. But more googling would do the trick, or I’d probably enroll in a computer animation course and create a handful of Kadzemoticons so that I don’t get IM’d about hotlinking their images. "Not cool at all." Peace, UofMom!
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