An Offline Night to Remember II

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, March 09, 2008 with 3 comments
After two years of waiting and held-off plans in between, the Offline Captioning team finally got the break we all rightly deserved. The date: March 8, 2008; our destination: Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

As the day was set and everything was a-ok, qualms were made apparent as a nearby town, Calamba, was having a typhoid outbreak. But in spite of that little sad news, the Offline gang still pushed through with the plan, although everybody stayed away from the tap water (he-he), and headed down to Laguna for a private pool party, a get-together while our ranks are still intact. Two of our teammates, Anna and Carl, resigned from the office; it was Carl’s last day and Anna’s last week.

The turnout was unexpected; almost everybody made it. The “Brokebacks” Mico, Dan, and Emman were there, and Mark too! He said he was just a 15-minute trike ride to Villa Carmencita, and his sudden appearance was a surprise for some; the reason is work-related so no need to elaborate. Ru even got a birthday greeting from each and everyone of us through a phone call; too bad she didn’t make it. We are all her extended children while she was still with Offline and our competent supervisor at that.

As the hours progressed, the night was filled with laughter, I’m-singing-my-heart-out videoke, chit chats, friendly banters, stuff that should have been left in Carmencita (although we have videos and photos serving Exhibits A to Z), and of course never-ending kodakan moments. It was truly a memorable time well spent with officemates you care about.

News has it that two more will be leaving the team, and a beach outing is in the works. I just hope it pushes through as these two I have known since our newbie days in Boracay room. Yes, they’re my batchmates, and they’ll surely be missed.

Thanks Carl, Tim, Anna, Boy, Honey, Pattie, Mackoie, Jen, Claire, Emman, Mico, Dan, Mark, Met, Eunice, Ron, Ton, Veejei, Odette, Freds, Jacq, Kibi, and Roi for a fun and memorable evening.

Sa uulitin.

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