Enjoy(ed) Incubus!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, March 10, 2008 with 2 comments

Had a blast last Sunday. Even though I only had hours to sleep because of the Offline getaway the day before which run till the concert day, I still got enough energy for the Incubus’ Light Grenades Pacific Rim Tour.

I particularly liked the first half of it, especially when the band sang a song from their SCIENCE album. Man, I lost it. Ha-ha. I was like rooting for them to sing more from that. But it was mostly Light Grenades, understandably, though some mainstream ones were belted by a half-naked Brandon Boyd.

One hour and thirty or so minutes? Well worth it, although a better seat would have amped the concert experience and gave Odette, who brought a digicam and a lomo too, clearer photos for posterity. Teehee, I grabbed some. Thanks. Same goes to Veejei, Kat, and Eunice.

Next stop: U2 and DMB?

I enjoyed Up Dharma Down’s performance too. They are otherworldly musical geniuses. They have great things in store for them.
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