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Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, February 21, 2008 with 3 comments
Finally got my ticket for the Incubus concert slated on the 9th of March. Some of my officemates purchased theirs earlier, so they got good seats for the event. I, on the other hand, bought mine a little later, a mistake, that UB A tickets were already sold out (related entry here). We’ll just go there a few hours before the kickoff of the concert and maybe we’ll still get a good look at what’s happening onstage.

I’m listening to their "Light Grenades" album now to familiarize myself with their new music. I’d like to be able to sing along with the songs from their new album because I know they’d be playing mostly tracks from this; the concert after all is for their "Light Grenades." But no doubt, I know they’ll be squeezing into their repertoire previous hits and personal favorites (mine at least)--Drive, Stellar, I Miss You, Pardon Me, Echo, Nice to Know You, Warning--this coming March. Boy, I’d sing my lungs out.

Ever since "Grenades" was made available, I’ve only heard those that were officially released, four of them, and I found two of those notable: "Dig" and "Oil and Water." Unreleased singles "Rogues" and "Pendulous Threads" are worth a hear too.

Borrowed VeeJei’s photo. Hehe.
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