Mr. Sandman and Yahoo! Answers

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, February 28, 2008 with 6 comments

Even though files are coming in (finally) and keeping everyone busy, Mr. Sandman still gets to drop by sometimes and pull me into this work black hole I call boredom. But a few weeks back, something became an outlet for that, revving up my mental juices to full gear and putting my research skills to the test: Yahoo! Answers.

There's only a particular category in Y!A that I frequent and has kept me at least wide awake in between breaks from work assignments: Home > Entertainment & Music > Music > Lyrics. And I'm happy to report that in the weeks that passed, I already have nine best answers under me belt and counting. He-he.

I have a lyrics collection of my own at home. In fact, I have already come up with two volumes. So I know how it feels to know a phrase or a line from a song but not its entirety, to be familiar with the voice behind it but not the name of the artist or that of the band, or even the title itself which is at times at the tip of your tongue waiting to be blurted out. Sometimes, the tune just keeps playing over and over again in your head that it makes you wanna scream in desperation: WTF are you called?! He-he.

It's good to see that your efforts in looking for the lyrics are appreciated, especially when the songs have a value of sorts to those who asked for them, like user chimp dancer. His reply just made my day. Others made the gesture of dropping by my Blogspot, which I post as a signature on my Y! answers, or a message on Yahoo! Mail or Messenger.

Maybe what kept me coming back for more on Y!A is to see me leveling up. Now, that I’ve reached level two (which is still far beyond the highest level of 7), I dunno, my interest waned a little. But it was a nice enough mental aerobics while it lasted, and as a bonus, Mr. Sandman gets to answer it with me.