Coffee Baths and Job Hunts

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 with 2 comments
I had met my sister’s wedding ninong before I came to work. He’s American, but he has been so accustomed to the Philippine way of life that he speaks fluent Tagalog and even Tausug, our dialect down south. He works in an NGO, and my brother-in-law was able to convince him into meeting me and helping me find a job abroad. There were some talks about "a" possibility, and after a few days of texting, a date was finally set.

I didn’t want to make him wait because I know how precious his time is, so even though I slept only a few hours (been sleeping late lately) and had grogginess written all over me, I braved the cold morning water and prepared myself for our appointment in Cubao.

Well, technically I was not late, but I was still “somewhat” late. Not late because I arrived in Cubao 15 minutes before our rendezvous time; somewhat late because I stopped by a photocopier which took most of my time. The Xeroxer [sic] didn’t have any change for my Ninoy that I had to go places to have it denominated in Osmenas or Roxases only to be met with curt replies. “Maaga pa po.”

I was a little panicky really when I finally met him that when I placed my folder on the table, I hit the cup of steaming brewed coffee and literally took a bath from it. Good thing I had a dark brown shirt on and had some cream mixed with my caffeine dose. When my shirt dried, there was not even a trace of the incident, and to think I went to some stores in the area after thinking of buying a tee. I still had to head to work, so I was worrying that I’d be carrying this dark blotch on me (although it smelt good). Thankfully, brown shirts and brewed coffee make a good combination. Hehe.

Ninong told me that he’ll be submitting my documents to people he know in UAE and that he’ll give me a heads-up in a month’s time if a job for me is available or not. He was accommodating and asked questions about my current job and even my plans that the I-just-took-a-hot-coffee-bath circumstance was just left to pass.

I hope something fruitful will come out from our talk. Whatever help he could extend, it would be tremendously appreciated. Even the gesture of taking time off from his busy schedule just to meet me is something that I’m grateful for. And now that I just received a text message from the Maryland office’s contact person here about the status of my immigrant visa--that because of the retrogression only case numbers filed in 2005 will be given priority--this opportunity will be met with much anticipation.