Braddom is coming… (Part II)

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, February 25, 2008 with No comments

…and I’m not going.

It’s been weeks actually when I learned that a PT book author will be coming to the Philippines for a seminar/lecture on some new trends in rehabilitation medicine. I so wanted to attend it that I even posted the details here, and told all my PT friends, even those in Zamboanga, about this. Well, the seminar will be tomorrow.

Last Saturday, I and a PT friend decided that we would be heading down to St. Luke’s after our meet-up with another college friend to pre-register for the seminar. We spent so much time there (at our friend’s place) that we would no longer be able to make it to E. Rodriguez if we left around 5:00 pm; the rehab department of St. Luke’s closes at 6:00 pm. My friend called and asked if there are other ways to register. The person on the other line said that we could make a bank deposit instead and have it faxed afterwards, OR we could just do a walk-in and pay there and then.

My friend texted the other night asking if I was able to pre-register because they (the organizers) will not be allowing walk-ins; comparable to a concert event, the seminar is a sold out. Imagine my disappointment. It’s unfair that at this moment I’m somewhat not on speaking terms with my friend who will be going tomorrow. She doesn’t know how I feel though, and I’d probably just let it pass, which eventually it would. I’m not one who keeps grudges anyway, and certainly not with them college buddies. I’ll just let her echo everything Braddom has to say the next time we meet, after this I’m-an-arsehole feeling ebbs away . But still, the seminar would have been something.
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