UK anyone?

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 with 4 comments

I was late when I reached the office, about 50 minutes or so. This was because I attended a seminar for possible work in United Kingdom. It’s a little complicated really, as from what I’ve gathered, United Kingdom has been strict in its release of working visas. The other option then was to get there via a student visa, and the hows were the agenda in the two-hour plus seminar. But, whew. The fees that I get to shell out, if ever I pushed through with it, a jaw-dropping P500,000. I’ve heard about this UK employment from a college friend who left for London last December. Well, the thing is he can afford it. And I think he’s settled nicely there in London. But on my part, big isn’t even the exact word to describe it.

Last Friday, somebody from ISA called me talking about this seminar slated the following week. Further details about the seminar, fees, sponsorship, and things like that will be discussed on the date that was set. I said, “Sure, why not.” As long as it’s free, I'll be the first to fall in line. When they called back again to confirm my attendance, I asked if I could bring a friend with me. “Sure.”

So this morning, Mal and I met at MRT Ayala. The tardy boy that I was, I arrived 30 minutes late on our rendezvous time. I was a little embarrassed that my friend had to wait that long for me. To make up for lost time, we took the taxi and headed to Peninsula Court Manila, the venue of the seminar. Good thing when we arrived, it hasn’t started yet, and we got a nice spot in the front row.

From the back, this big Englishman came forward and began explaining the process to the 80 participants present: going to UK under a student visa, studying for two years in a distance-learning curriculum while working full time at the same time. With him explaining things there, it was not bowla-bowla (his words), and an applicant can leave in as little as three weeks if all papers were completed and submitted accordingly. The possible payslip, the thought of Eurotrip, English high living, these were playing on my head. But when it came down to the fees, I just had to cough when the magic amount was said.

Well, they can offer assistance by as much as P150,000, deducted from your salary in six months' time if I remember it right. But P350,000? Still a big sum. My friend is thinking it over. I said that if he has the wherewithal to do so, why not? Look at our other friend? In no time, he will be getting back the “capital” that he will be investing if he ever decides to pursue this. Me? Don’t even ask. Unless somebody is willing to sponsor everything for me. He-he.

The seminar ended around 1:04. Since I was already late for work--there's no difference really if one is late 5, 10, 15, or 60 minutes--I decided to go eat lunch; I was already running out of glucose and everything seemed to be spinning around. Boy, how satiated I was! When I reached the office and met two of my colleagues at the fourth floor lobby, I thought they would throw the tag-entry joke from a blog before: “Aha, k—tutan na naman!” Ha-ha. But on the contrary. I even have a witness.