A Tale of Two Cards

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, January 18, 2008 with 3 comments

My neighbor claimed my new credit card in my behalf as my relative’s wife does not have an ID that she could present to the mailman. When I got the card earlier, I was happy to find out that it was upgraded to M Lite, Metrobank’s credit card that has 2.49 percent as its monthly interest. Cool! And it looks way cooler than my old one too.

However, when I was reading the leaflet that came with it and was toying with the card, I noticed that the account number stamped on it is different with what the customer service representative I spoke to one time gave to me. You see, since my old card was lost (here), they had to issue a new one with a different account number. I asked for it because I needed to pay some of the funds that way the finance charges wouldn’t accumulate and empty my pockets in the process.

I looked for the piece of paper where I wrote the new account number and, yes, the card number on the replacement card didn’t match the one on my supposedly “new” card. So why the M Lite? I made muni-muni. Then I remembered I applied for an M Lite in December and totally forgot about it. I applied prior to that, but I was denied, much to my dismay. So I wasn’t really hoping that they would accept my application the second time around.

I haven’t yet received my replacement card. I was thinking when the mailman first came to our house and left an authorization letter for me to fill out that it would be the replacement that I’d be getting. Now when I do get it, I’ll then be facing the problem of managing two credit cards!

2.49 compared to 3.5 is quite a lot already, even if it’s only like one percent. So I’ve decided that I’ll just settle the previous balances on my 3.5 card and then use the new 2.49. Still, the P400 that I paid for the replacement is another amount gone down the drain (related entry here), and now I even want to have it closed after only a month of the request, and to think I haven’t received it yet! At least, this M Lite will help me scrimp and save for what I plan to get in the future: My own laptop. Teehee.