The Surprise of the Day

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, January 13, 2008 with 5 comments

I went to Robinson's Galleria after taking my cousin back to her dormitory this afternoon. She stayed, by the way, at our place in Taguig last night since, when she came back here (to Pinas) from the Middle East, she hasn't been to our humble abode; she will now be leaving for Singapore this month making the sleepover an early despedida. Anyway, back to my story. After dropping her off at Morayta in Manila, I then went to Robinson's Galleria to look for a new tee and as well have as have my phone "openlined" as it's blocked to Globe and TM. Globe's service is getting worse each day.

Entering the mall premises, I thought of going to Diego. So, I checked for the accumulated receipts amounting to P3,000 in my wallet to have these exchanged for a discount card and to get just that, a 10 percent off the retail price, which still means a little saving. Browsing through the bundles of money (he-he), er papers of all sorts, I was dumbfounded when I found my credit card safely hidden on the plastic pocket for pictures. Poknat. All this time, my friggin' card is in my wallet (related entry here)! Am I having Alzheimer's at such an early age?

I called the card's customer service if it's okay to have my card re-activated and to save meself from paying the P400 service charge. She said, "No. Once it's deactivated, the credit card that is on the mail will be your new one." Poknat! This is what I don't like, wasting money for nothing. Out of this experience, I realized that I am careless and forgetful, and I'm all to blame. And this has happened quite a lot of times: my wallet, money, IDs, etcetera. I think I'm hopeless. So before this gets out of hand, these two--my slipshoddiness and mental block outs--get added up to my new year's list of things to change and resolve.

Forgot to tell, despite this day's inopportune surprise, I still got a new shirt. Teehee.