Job Description

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, January 09, 2008 with 6 comments
I received another document via email to fill out, sign, and forward to PHRI, my future employer in the U.S. It's an addendum, methinks, with the requirements that had to be submitted for my immigrant visa application.

I've asked friends from the office if they know of an internet café nearby where I can download the forms, which were sent through PDF, and then have it scanned if I already have affixed my signature. The Maryland office said that there were some applications which were returned because the candidates failed to sign the documents. I was told those forms are needed ASAP.

What they have emailed is a PT job description, my future responsibilities as a member of their rehabilitation team. Already, I can picture myself doing just those, but I need to hone my skills yet again in preparation for this. My review is helping with theoretics, but I need to be on the field, doing hands-on intervention, if I want to be a true success in this profession. So, a new job is forthcoming? Fingers crossed.

Things to do first thing tomorrow: download, print, sign, scan, and email back.

Sidenote: Somebody from our account, just across from my workstation, made a scene with a supervisor of another account. From what I gathered, she was mouthing something that the supervisor mistook as directed to him. The supervisor approached me and asked for their supervisor. Then after that, she began saying words that she shouldn’t have to the poor supervisor. Good thing, he didn’t give in and just asked for her name from her teammate. Upon learning that, she threw something at her (the teammate). Tension was in the air that a guard and somebody from HR was called in to bring her outside and talk to her. A bad hair day for her? Maybe.