If the Right Shoe Fits

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, January 06, 2008 with 3 comments
I bought this all-new pair of Chucks in welcoming New Year. You see, I haven't really treated myself with the 13th month bonus that I got because most of it were used for another purpose, for my immigrant visa. So I was left ogling with what my friends bought with theirs. I was thinking that I'd get something back from the government in the form of a tax return and use it to buy something for myself. This became a concern because the taxes I pay have skyrocketed since my last check (it'd be all fine with me if it goes back to the community and not to the pockets of the corrupt). This made me change my tax status to Head of the Family last month just so to lessen it a bit however a few hundred pesos it might be. But to my dismay, I didn't get any, although the withholding tax for last month's paycheck was 75% lower.

As shoes fall under my "need" category, I still went out and bought myself a pair. I had my eyes rooting for Converse shoes as fashion-wise, they're always in. Thankfully, the one I bought was still within budget. I had it on 9 1/2 since with my Pony, size 9, I had some problems with its backstay.

I tried it on the mall, and thinking that Chucks and Ponys use the same measurement for shoe sizes, I bought it. When I got home and tried it again, I found that it was big, about 1 1/2 inches big-big, that about an inch of the toe box is empty (we actually studied shoe parts in PT school) when you press on it. As I can't go back to the mall to have it returned because of my work schedule, I had it returned on my day off, yesterday.

I had it changed to 9, and now the allowance inside was reduced to about half an inch. But before it was replaced with a different size, I had to transfer from one mall to another as the shoe department where I bought it no longer had the size I wanted. So on my way to MOA, I hooked up with a good friend from way back college, Mal, and we caught up on a lot of stuff; he even accompanied me to this mall in Alabang to get a new phone too (and that's another story). This is really what is nice with old friends: No matter how long time has separated you, the friendship lingers on.

What's funny with this whole story is that I had the shoes in my room for about a week. I'm not really the type that wears new clothes, or in this case new shoes. I just don't like seeing them in all their hey-everybody-I'm-new splendor. Good thing I haven't used it last week. If I did, I would have been left with a pair of Chuck that didn't fit.