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Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, January 07, 2008 with 2 comments
After a long time, I tuned into the radio once again. One thing that has kept me from checking what’s on is that before, I noticed that the radio had become more of a talk medium. Also, the news of most English-speaking radio stations turning masa and having drastic changes in their programming--97.1 Campus Radio to Barangay LS, 103.5 K Lite for Max FM, 99.5 RT to Hit FM--was such unfortunate that I’d throw away my radio if RX, Wave, Jam, or Magic followed suit. Thankfully, these four are still on the airwaves, owing to a huge fanbase and the right programming. Still, talks taking most of the air time is something I’m not looking forward to unless of course the topic being tackled is something of interest. You tune into the radio for the music, and that’s what radio should primarily be, at least in my opinion.

So it was all internet music for me. Buzzoutroom and Groovera for chillout/lounge/ambient beats and 1Club.FM for everything else. I like the playlist that the latter plays when it comes to rock music and has made a list of songs I got by just listening to the stream. And in my months of audio streaming 1Club.FM music, I had made such a lengthy list. Some of them I researched and downloaded so I can listen to them to my heart’s content. I also made a long list of Buzzout and Groovera music; unfortunately, their genre is hard to find and I only got such a few (here).

Last night, I didn’t get enough sleep (like I slept around 6:00 am). Maybe it was the mug of hot coffee I drank before hitting the covers (this is a nightly routine) or the ghost stories that were exchanged earlier in the day. Apparently, our house is haunted. Maybe waking up and seeing a mumu at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night is enough to keep my eyes wide open. He-he. I also had such terrible migraine still brought upon by my colds, and that probably played a role too. So what I did for lack of anything else to do was read Kim’s book (Manna Wu was raped!).

To set the mood, I was scanning the FM radio frequency to check what’s on that's worth hearing. I was thinking Dream Sounds from Wave 89.9, but when I got to their frequency, they had already signed off. Do they still have Dream Sounds? That I’m not sure anymore. Like I said, it was a first after quite a time to tune into the boombox again. I chanced upon 92.3 X Fm. Surprise, surprise. I didn’t know that we have a radio station entirely dedicated to chillout music. So I had it on for hours and enjoyed what they had to offer. Still, the selections are not at par with what Buzzout plays or Groovera. But kudos goes to them nonetheless for the effort. It must be love for music for a radio station to go against the norm and come up with a daily program only for a niche audience. This goes to Master's Touch 98.7, 105.1 Crossover, 107.9 U FM as well. Thumbs up for what you do.

Now that there's something good on the airwaves, I'll make it a point to tune in now and then. Unlike before where I had control of the consul and the songs that play, now I'm just a mere avid listener, but I'm far from complaining.
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