Getting Sick...

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, January 03, 2008 with 6 comments

Now that I've been taking this food supplement in an attempt to gain some weight and be healthy this year, I'm having this terrible cold, the one that makes you sneeze and spread your virus all over the place. Maybe what I'm taking and drinking is not working out for my body. Hmm.

Is it just me? I have this menthol-like coldness on my nose the entire afternoon. I've gone to the bathroom a few times just to get rid of whatever it is that's clogging up my nares (yikes!) and even brought tissues with me to my desk, just in case they start dripping. LOL. I don't have fever yet, but I think it's headed there. Sick in the new year? Tsk, not a good sign. Mental checklist: get some meds before heading home.


Sidenote: Still listening to Tool. Love them.