First Blog of the Year

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, January 01, 2008 with 3 comments

Aw, aw, aw. Ha-ha. Welcome the year of the rat. I'm not really one into superstitions and astrological signs, but hey, what is there to lose. As long as the year turns out well for everyone, I'm all okay with that.

With the New Year comes an added responsibility for us at work, that of captioning. As editors, we never were trained "adequately" (the operative term) for this job, and our work only centers on first line editing, making as little error as possible on the transcripts to make the captioning or subtitling of the video files a breeze. The only stage in the captioning process that I like is the chopping stage. Here, I can just plug my headset and just listen to songs being audiostreamed on my WMP while doing said task at hand. Call that multitasking. Ooh, and thank you Tool for keeping me company.

If you ever get to check the hyperlink, just don't mind track number one, "Ghetto." It was a song wrongfully added to the album list. I wonder whose fault was it that a soul track got included in a rock collection. Go directly to "46 and 2" and be ready to be swept by Tool music. Their rock genre is one of my favorites, and I only know of two others who sound like them (and love), Chevelle and A Perfect Circle.

I was just told tomorrow is VTO day… again. This is really how things work in the office right now. You’ll give up your PTOs because your account is not able to provide for you why you’re with them in the first place. Some of my colleagues don’t have any problems with that (and I envy them), but with me, as I’ve said in some blog entries, it’s a different thing. Oh, well. Thankfully, Carl lent me DVDs to watch and I also have Kim's book, Ha Jin’s “Waiting,” just screaming to be finished (already halfway). I’ll have these things to do as my outlet for all these negative energy brought upon by this news, and I don’t want this work ruining what a great year 2008 will be.
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