Written Warning

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 with 2 comments

I have given up on ranting about the current issues at work. I decided to not be emotionally worked-up more than I need to. If you've been following the "work rambling" blogs and the retrenchment entry I wrote--the company calls it rightsizing, which still is laying off employees, ergo downsizing--you probably have thought that I was one of those booted out since I was gone for a few days. Hehe. But I'm still here!

This entry is different though. I was just served a written warning because of consecutive tardiness, which I don't mind really--why do they really have to make a fuss about it?--and two more warnings (that's six instances of tardiness in a month!), I'll be free to go, er terminated. So I had to explain myself all over again on the box provided for on the form that I had to affix my caligraphic signature I had perfected in years: Why for the nth consecutive time I'm still tardy as before?

It took me only a minute to fill those four corners with the confabulation of a serial tardy, disgruntled white-collar employee who is just too fed up that he'd rather sleep than come to work and drown in ennui for nine agonizing hours! Swear, that's not what I wrote. LOL!