A Piece of Plastic

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 with 4 comments
Before I came to work, I had my professional license scanned because it's one of the requirements for the I-140 that my future employer will be submitting to the USCIS to help bring me to the United States. I had my old professional license electronically copied, the very first I got after passing the local board exams, but that one is no longer valid as it expired last June 2 (now you know my bday!). So I acquired a newer license, here:

Don't I just look cute!?! LOL. I had this renewed last June just before its validity ended because I didn't want to carry an expired ID with me. But I noticed that my picture had become a little blurred (the one that had been superimposed upon), and I'm wondering why. Substandard printing? I didn't get this with my old one, and now I get to carry this with me till 2010! But I have this feeling that it'll be replaced soon with a new piece of plastic (God willing) and then I don't have to worry about my fading photo. Hehe.

I'm still waiting for further updates from the Maryland office as to what my next course of action will be, especially when it comes to the dreaded NPTE. With the visa retrogression still ongoing and learning that the approval of the I-140 takes a long time because of that, I have been contemplating on resigning from my current work and go back to practicing my profession in preparation for work with the company. Maybe I can go teaching (Yay! Sir Kadz. LOL), I somewhat have the knack for that or be a volunteer in a rehab hospital or clinic somewhere while waiting for things to fall into their right place. At least, with the recent developments, I have something to look forward to by next year.