On the Eve of...

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, December 25, 2007 with 2 comments

On the last minute, I changed my mind and decided to drop by my friend's place in Quezon City (read entry below). I was actually on my way home, just waiting for a ride to pass me by when I saw this guy who was carrying fresh-from-the-oven pizzas on one hand. He definitely was on his way someplace to join in this once-a-year gathering of gift-giving and quality bonding time.

And just like that, I decided to retrace back my steps and stop by this fast-food chain near where I was standing to buy a chicken bucket meal with a chocolate mousse cake to bring with me, but I only had a couple of hundred pesos in my pocket; it was not enough. I went back to the office lobby to withdraw some funds but the ATM is offline. Apparently, the influx of office employees to the ATM lane for withdrawal transactions has drain it of its very life, money. The same thing happened with the ATM outside the office premises. Getting late and worrying about not making it on time, I went inside Yellow Cab and ordered their garden special and had it charged on my credit card instead. Yes, they come in handy at times.

I flagged a taxi and asked to be brought to Quezon City. Somehow, I just didn't mind the hefty fare when I finally reached their place. I was just so tired (and hungry) that I didn't want to be stuck on the road that long.

I arrived just in time, 30 minutes or so before 12. As with every meet-up like this with friends, I always have a grand time. Even if we don't have the most mouth-watering dishes or the most thirst-clenching beverages, the"talks" simply cover up on all of those.

Looking back, I must say that I made the right decision. If I didn't, I know that I would have just stayed at home, in bed, sleeping the day away. Even if I went to there place not for "Christmas," per se, as I am not Christian, my friend welcomed me still to their home. I could say now that the evening turned out not to be about religion or of differences in ideals or beliefs; it became an opportunity to share in the happiness of others and of strengthening the ties that bind us with people who we call our friends. And this much I know, my friends will always be a part of what I am today and what I'll become in the future.