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I love this night.

I'm stuck at work and nothing to do and the antidote I have when boredom strikes is soundtripping, and I've been doing this for hours (and hopefully till the shift ends, LOL). First checked the latest songs currently making waves on various charts through Rock on the Net. I used to do this on a weekly basis back in the day because one of my tasks from my previous job involved doing song research. When some songs were not found on samplers that record labels send to us, we then exerted all efforts to look for those tracks so that we could include them on our regular playlist.

Timbaland seemed to have a lot of hits under his belt this year through collaboration with artists like Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Keri Hilson, OneRepublic (whose "Apologize" is currently the number one track), and a lot more. In Nelly's "Promiscuous," I found it funny how Timbaland, with his endormorphic built and (if I remember right) with his tight-fitting sando on, was gyrating as he was rapping. A big man like Tim my man swaying back and forth is something to behold. Hehe. Or maybe it's just me. But bad dancing aside, Tim's a cool artist. "Give It To Me" makes me want to head down the dancefloor even if I have two left feet!

Then afterwards, it was the rock chart for me where I find out that the Foo Fighter's "The Pretender" is at the top of the helm. After listening to the hits on the the list, I'm no longer surprised that I know most of them even though I do not know their titles (shame on me). That's because I hear them a lot from 1Club.FM, the player that is spewing the cool tracks you hear in this page. You can log on to their website or just click on the hyperlink to be redirected there, and you can choose from whichever station you want to listen to. You can also put the player codes on your MySpace, Multiply (which I have), Friendster, or any other sites that you maintain that accepts HTML codes or embeds or widgets or whatever they call it nowadays.

You're probably wondering how I get to check these songs online, well, thank my friend. She has shared this link, Cool Music Zone, that is just amazing. It works like Danceage. This site (Danceage) probably had a lot of traffic from us in the office before, but then it changed the quality of its songs (to very poor if I may add) and started doing minute previews only. With that, it started to lose its appeal and we began looking for other audio-streaming sites. Now enters Cool Music Zone. What's good about this is, aside from being able to stream the entire album, you can just click on the boxes opposite the songs you want to listen to and those are the only ones that will play, which work perfectly fine for me tonight as I have to check songs from various albums. And boy, I'm having an earful.

Now, I'm delving into the realms of chillout and bossa music, and this site has a lot to offer, especially the former genre. If I can just turn the workstation into my very own lounge area with the couch (a lazyboy would be great!), the pillows and all that jazz, it would be fantastico. Hehe.
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