Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, December 28, 2007 with No comments

So it was finally confirmed. My Metrobank MasterCard is nowhere to be found. The last transaction (read: utang) I swiped on the card was the Yellow Cab pizza I bought on the 24th (here). I just learned that it was lost last night when I was about to buy my sisters their medicines (related entry here). Since I couldn't charge the fees on my debit card, I decided to have it on my MasterCard. However, when I started looking for it, it simply wasn't with the other ones that I always have in my wallet.

I called the customer service last night and reported that it "might be lost" since there was no way to be sure just yet. I may have just left it at home as I'm a little careless when it comes to my stuff: I always forget my wallet in my workstation (and friends could attest to this); I lost my company ID four times (the two were false alarms since the ID was tucked some place in my room) and was charged P500 to have it renewed. So I was praying, when I was speaking with a CSR over the phone, that it was not lost. I didn't want to have it blocked as it comes with a P400 charge, and I couldn't afford to pay for that when the card is simply somewhere at home.

But upon arriving last night, I turned my room upside down to no avail. That's when I decided to call their customer service again and have it blocked. I'd rather pay for the P400 than having somebody maxing my card out at my expense. Whoever found it could either be a really kind person who just don't know where to return my card or somebody who was thinking about using it but just doesn't know how to (he could have stolen every fund in there if my card's been lost since the 24th). Thankfully, if he's the the latter, he hasn't done it yet as the last transaction debited on the card was the Yellow Cab pizza I bought on Chrismas eve.

I look at this as a sign. My new year's resolution is to really save, and the timing is just divine providence. He-he. When I spoke to one of their agents, I was told that it takes about two weeks to have it replaced. Meaning, for the coming days, I just get to spend on what I "need" and not just on something that I "want."