Little Christmas Presents

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, December 29, 2007 with 2 comments

I'd like to thank Carl, Mackoie, and Tim for giving me something simple yet useful for the yuletide season.

From Carl, I got the Hello Kitty (lol) alarm clock. He said that there was a mismatch with the gifts, and the pink sleep waker was really not meant for me. But I think it's cool (lol). Ever since I had this, I always wake up on time. I had this tardiness issue ever since, and this gift was just the right thing to have, and for it to be in pink and Hello Kitty nonetheless makes me like it more. Mwehehe. Just brings a smile every time I remember opening the gift for the very first time.

The Tim-Mackoie tandem for the ashtray and the key chain, thanks. I love it. They look sleek and classy. Although I make it a point to not turn into a belching chimney at home, it's nice to have them in my room. The chain, I'm yet to use it as I lost the keys to my room one time. So I opened the padlock using a fork, and it opened, after I had it reduced to smithereens. Hehe. I never got the chance to get a new one for my door and have used the old one till today. People at home still thinks my room is closed, and that's fine with me.

Thanks for these. I was not really expecting to get any this year. I felt like a kid opening a gift from Santa because I've been such a good kid, and to find Hello Kitty in all its pink splendor, hehe, that just tops it. Thanks a mucho. Happy holidays.