I'm Glad They've Met (Or Will Have, Next Week)

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, December 27, 2007 with 2 comments

My sisters have been asking me to buy for them Glutathiones since last month. I wonder where all this hype originated from. It was only after I saw some local actors, males and females alike, doing infomercials on how a good detox and whitening medium it is that I came to know they existed.

I’ve received text messages from my sisters before asking me how much the original Metathiones or Glutathiones cost. The truth is, I didn’t really make the effort to go to the pharmacy that time and ask the saleslady just that. It just makes me feel awkward all over. Picture a tall, dark, and (ahem) man with all the bigote and goatee asking for them? That’s male vanity in the flesh. LOL.

But the other day, there was no turning back. My sisters were really intent of getting the meds, directly bought here as they feel that the ones being sold in Zamboanga are not the real thing. Building up courage and a face, I approached one of them saleslady. But before going any further, I made sure that there were only a few customers doing transactions with them. And after a minute or so of awkwardness, I got the info I needed.

Lucida Glutathione 500mg costs P1492.50 while Metathione (I’m glad we’ve met—Lani Mercado) is about P200 lesser but only comes in 250mg capsules. Both are good for about a month’s supply (just a clarification, this is not a paid advertisement). So I texted this info, and the following day, they electronically transferred P3,000 for those. Yung Lucida na lang daw para mas malakas. Ha-ha.

So I built up the courage once more and dropped by the drugstore earlier to buy the more expensive one. I don’t like carrying money with me and was thinking of just having it debited on my ATM card, or the last resort, my credit card. I asked for two bottles (Saleslady: So vain!) but during payment, I was told that they only accept BPI debit cards. So I pocketed for my MasterCard but it was nowhere to be found (another lengthy entry saved for another blog post). Long story short, I was not able to buy them. I simply did not want to withdraw from the ATM because it was across the street (read: just lazy).

Now, the awkwardness is yet to happen again tomorrow as, by then, I really have to procure and have them mailed ASAP (my sister’s words) because their supply is fast running out. I'm beginning to have this feeling my sisters will kill me if they get to read this post. He-he. Now I just can’t wait to see them white as snow when I get back to Zamboanga!