Eviction Night!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, December 06, 2007 with 2 comments

Gawd! Tension is in the air. The shortlist was not handed down this morning (see blog entry below), and HR will forward an email to those they have profiled for the account transfer tonight. This somewhat feels like being in reality TV where you await the result of the votation, à la Survivor or Big Brother, that ultimately decides if you get booted out or not.

It's simple really. If you get the Outlook email, you're no longer part of the account. If you don't, you're free to stay.

It's been hours now since we started our shift and nobody from the GY team has yet received an HR invitation for a tête-à-tête. Maybe they're still evaluating the team's employees OR maybe they've seen how indispensable we are to the account (hehe). A few more minutes or hours maybe and those emails will begin to flood. We'll know sooner.

Updated at 3:00 AM: Only two from our team were invited by an HR representative to discuss possible transfer to another account. How unfortunate. We're only 10 from the GY shift, does this mean they're going to get most from the day shift? Rumor has it that they're downsizing the team to half of it's original number. That will be even more unfortunate.