Account Transfer or Resignation: No Other Options

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, December 05, 2007 with 4 comments

I have been vocal with how things are in the transcription company I'm working in in some of the blogs I wrote. Ever since the account started, work issues have been bugging everybody left and right. If you happened to read those previous entries, I have made mention that sometimes we don't have anything to work on. We were told before that we were to expect more--this even resulted in hiring more people to join the team--but "knowing TNC," it has never materialized. Since the account is no longer bringing in revenues, the bosses have decided to let go--lay off--some people from our team and that of another LOB to cut on costs.

An email was sent last night saying that a "very important announcement" will be discussed to the team come the following morning. The meeting was presided over by the team manager and the LOB's supervisor. What we've heard from our co-employees who've had their meeting earlier that day was confirmed straight from the horse's mouth. The account is downsizing to save their a**es.

There were really just two options given to us: apply and take advantage of the account transfer program that the company offers or resign. With the ATP, the HR (accordingly) will profile us to know which account (calls) we're going to be transferred to. But the catch is, there is no assurance that the account is going to absorb us. Add to that, almost everybody do not want to be call agents, the reason why we're in the transcription industry in the first place. The other option is for us to pack our belongings and vacate our workstation. These will be options for those who will be shortlisted for the ATP, and that list will be given out tomorrow morning.

If I do not make the cut, fine. If I do and have been profiled for account transfer, fine still. They can shove it up their arse. I’m resigning. People from the office will eventually leave the company anyway, but this has just preempted it. What is sad, and oftentimes heartbreaking, with this development is that they decided to lay off people at this time of the year when the air is festive and where gifts are shared. And, really, there is nothing that compares to what our company is about to give to us as Christmas presents.

I have been surmising resigning due to management dissatisfaction and, at times, the work itself. I was planning early next year, but it may be earlier than expected. Given the low volume of files, I have expected that the company will resort to downsizing its workforce (I even thought of dissolution). It has offered VTOs, FTOs late November to cut on costs until finally deciding on this. They have even scrapped the team’s GY shift to save on night differential. That is how desperate the account is. When tomorrow comes, I still may or may not have my work. Whatever happens, I hope I’ll still have contact with officemates who have become friends throughout my one year and eight months here at this f***ed-up company.

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