What’s in Your Wallet? Tagged II

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 with 4 comments

I was tagged again by Kim, a colleague from E&E, this time with the question: What’s in your wallet?

My wallet is one of those velvety types from Hang Ten and I have this since 2004. What’s inside? Well, I haven’t withdrawn any money yet even though it’s payday today. So I don’t have any bills stacked somewhere except for a Ringgit that my sister gave to me. There are actually some people who like having foreign bills in their wallets and I’m not the type. But since this was given by somebody close to me, it now has that sense of value. So that’s why it’s in there.

I have a lot of cards:
- My Maxicare and ATM cards from Chinabank and Metrobank.
- A MasterCard, which I haven’t swiped in the last 15 days (saving for Christmas?)
- An MRT stored value card with only one peso left in it (last time I checked)
- PAL Mabuhay Miles (I don’t know if I’m ever going to use it)
- My PRC license (Waa, my picture is fading and to think I just renewed it)
- An SM Advantage I’ve seen others have as well (bakit kaya?)
- A calling card with my SSS, TIN, and account numbers written at the back (mine and my mom’s)
- My calling card from my previous job with important mobile numbers written at the back

I have pictures too. A 1x1 pic of my late father, a 2x2 of my mom during her 40s in black and white, a junior-sized group pic of three of my female siblings with my mom, and a junior-sized studio shot of me with friends from college. I also have 2x2, passport-sized, and 1x1 pics of myself just in case. They actually come in handy. Ooh, almost forgot. I have this 2x2 photo of myself during my freshmen year in high school. It’s so vintage-y and I look so young and innocent and so fresh meat (mwehehe).

I wonder what Timbuktu and VeeJei have in theirs.