Of VTOs, Brain Drains, and Classifieds

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, November 25, 2007 with 4 comments

Hmm. We don't have work tonight. We're under Voluntary Time Off (VTO) because the U.S. is celebrating their Thanksgiving holidays (we follow U.S. time). Now that I've thought about it, it's not really "voluntary" because you DON'T have much of a choice but not come to work. At least I got to spend the day with my cousin. I invited her out to go shopping with me for a handbag and a pair of shoes for my mom. She'll be leaving for Zamboanga on Tuesday, and since I don't have any idea when it comes to women's bags and shoes, I let her help me out.

We ended up spending close to 2,000. My mom even said to my cousin (we called her on the phone as to what she'd really like to have) that I get her two pairs. Waaa. My mom. Ha-ha. The bag didn't come cheap, but the design is top class. I think she'll like it, and we also bought a pair (I'll get her the other pair soon) to match it.

We had lunch after at Kenny Rogers (I just love their healthy plate). Of course, it was on me. It was sort of a "thank you" meal for all the help. If it were left to me, I wouldn't be able to decide on what my mom would like and actually wear. My cousin, by the way, will be leaving for our hometown to spend time with her family because she'll be flying to Singapore soon, so I had to buy the things my mom requested (demanded?) that way she can bring it with her to save on shipping.

I know of three people who will soon be contributing to another brain drain for the Philippines: my classmate who will be leaving for London this December, a PT friend for Florida on January 4, and my cousin for Singapore (as mentioned) this January 14. They're all going abroad not for leisure but for work. It may seem that the dwindling Philippine economy will be benefiting from their leaving because this would mean more OFW remittance. In a way, it is. But, on a more personal note, this is what I believe: They'll be toiling another man's land not because they want to but because they NEED to. The jobs and the pay here could not compete with what other countries could offer to our highly skilled and intellectual professionals, and there is no denying, the only option is out (at least for some).

I feel the same way really with the diploma I got from college, that being not much of an opportunity for physical therapists here, and soon, if God wills, I'll be joining my classmate, my colleague, and my cousin, as well as thousands others, who are toiling 24/7 at times just so that they could send money other than wads of Ninoys. I don't see an end to this brain drain really, and the sad part is, it is our very own countrymen who will later pay the price, what with our workers' skills, knowledge, and training being imparted to someone not our own. I wish them all the best, though, and a safe trip to their new homes.

The growing dissatisfaction that I get from my current work has made me buy a Sunday broadsheet that I thought I wouldn't ever lay hands on again (as far as leafing through the bulk of its pages). It's the Manila Bulletin. And yes, I'm on a job hunt.

It became a Sunday routine for me and my brother back when he was still here. When we decided to move here in 2005, we had "going abroad" in mind. After finding job openings on the broadsheet, we'd then go to wherever the agencies are located to pass our resumes and even get interviewed on the spot. But I was not lucky (read related entry here) unlike my brother who is on his first year of a two-year contract in Riyadh.

I have slaved (the operative term.. hehe) for almost two years now in a transcription company in Makati, and this time I'd really want to go back to practicing my profession. I hope later when I read the classified ads section (I'm not at home blogging this), I get to find a PT job in the Middle-East, preferably in Dubai. I think this will work out while waiting for my immigrant/work visa, which I'm told takes quite a time. But really, I haven't decided yet. I still have to consult this with my employer in Maryland, if it comes to that. At least I'm keeping my options open. I hope, too, that I get to find on the classifieds a part-time job or work other than CSR or transcription. I really have to concentrate on my review now that everything seems to be falling into place. So goodbye, PipolSupot? We'll see.