They've Got My Tees

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, November 08, 2007 with 7 comments

Wah! I cannot believe that when I went to the pantry to get coffee I walked past a guy that has on a tee that I have in my closet as well. And he was not the only one. At the lobby, there was also another guy who had on a t-shirt I bought at Artwork, the same size and color! And last week, another one wearing a PRP-branded tee I have too!

Honestly, I'm not into brands. I even don't like clothes that have the company name printed on them in glowing fonts and colors. I'm more into the print/design first, then the texture of the clothe, then whatever the brand etched/printed on it. I have collected quite a few, buying one to two shirts every month from stores like People are People, Diego, John Brian, Tribal, and Artwork.

But why PRP? And three clothes of mine from three other guys from the office? I wonder what happens if I get to wear the tee with any of the other three on the same day. He-he. So, in my desire to be different (as far as tee prints are concerned), I've been checking for tops on the net, but the shipping costs almost the same as the the ones I wanted to buy that shelling out more isn't just practical. I wonder where else I can buy clothes that are not for mass consumption and are within my budget. Ukay?!? Ha-ha. Ooh, speaking of mass consumption, the t-shirt with the W.I.L.D. print? Everywhere I go, I see a lot of guys wearing that. If they get to bump on each other, maybe they can start a dance group or something. LOL.