Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, November 04, 2007 with 3 comments

The IT department from the office is becoming stricter when it comes to surf controlling work-unrelated websites. I think the primary reason why they don’t allow some sites, especially instant messengers and external e-mail accounts, is that the clients’ information may be given out to third parties that maybe used for shady transactions. Given that we do work in a call center, the nature of our job however is entirely different from those of customer service representatives or call agents. We need to have access to most sites for research as well as to further bolster our intellectual Zen on some topics that are related to files that we need to work on. From what I’ve heard, other transcription companies do not strict sites (except porn maybe) and the transcriptionists and the editors can freely access them. Now almost all the links that we frequently visit either will give you an error or the dreaded ACCESS DENIED in red, bold letters. Even blog sites like Blogspot, and just recently WordPress, and networking sites Multiply and Friendster weren’t missed by their scrutinizing eyes.

 Image, office property.. LOL.

Since I blog from work and given the current circumstance, I think I wouldn’t be able to post entries as often as I would like to, if worse comes to worst. I have proxies though. LOL.