Storm Ahead

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, November 22, 2007 with 4 comments

Another storm after Lando is about to hit the Philippines, Mina. PAGASA said it'll hit the country's shores this Saturday, affecting primarily the Bicol region.

Satellite Image for 9 p.m., 22 November 2007 from

I still have a vivid recollection when superstorm Milenyo hit the Philippines in September 28, 2006. Vivid because I was out in the streets on my way to work when the eye of the storm passed Metro Manila. I didn't know really that there was a typhoon headed towards the country that fateful day when I left home for a job interview at Makati Shangri-La. At the time, the sky was already a little gloomy with sporadic rainshowers. When it was nearing noon, the weather started to become worse and Milenyo was slowly picking up pace and beginning to show its wrath. There were even minor electrical interruptions at the hotel and rainwater was beginning to get inside glass windows at the restaurant where the interview was taking place.

My shift back then starts at 12:00 nn. So after the interview, I still had time to get to work. Since The Shang is along Ayala Avenue and our office is at the end of that streetway, I decided to walk my way to work. Exiting the hotel, I got my first taste of how bad the weather is: strong winds and very heavy rainshower. Still I managed to reach Makati Avenue and it was there that I stopped a good one hour; it was already impossible to walk because of the strong wind. Branches were falling (big chunks I tell you) from trees and transistors were blowing up near where I found shelter from Milenyo. It was something I have never experienced before. It was my first superstorm. Hehe.

I didn't want to stay out in the road, and since the office is just a few blocks away, I started walking again. I managed to get inside a bus, literally dripping down to my underwear, and reached the office. Our operations manager was even outside the office building at that time and I told her I didn't want to go inside and I'd rather go home because I was drenched. She said it was safer to stay at the office than travel home. She had a point. I was freezing when I reached my workstation and my clothes just dried on me. The management wanted us to do a double shift because of shortage of manpower, but for my part, I went home when my shift ended at 9:00 p.m. I badly needed to take a bath.

Almost forgot. I got the job. Yay. I was offered a PT post in Maryland and I'm currently applying for a work visa. The water markings on the now-dry contract that I was trying so hard to save from Milenyo is a living testament of this unforgettable experience. So now that I've learned from my Milenyo experience, I know now what to do: stay safe at home when Mina comes.