Snatched by a Grade Schooler

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 with 4 comments

So my brother finally got what he wanted: a brand new MP4 bought from chip-ins from me and my sister. Since he'll be leaving tomorrow morning, and since he's a music lover too (it runs in the family really), he wanted to have the new gadget loaded with songs that way he gets to listen to them while he's on the two-day trip aboard a Sulpicio liner bound for Zamboanga. So what we did when we reached home was dropped by a net cafe in the neighborhood and downloaded some songs online. Since downloading usually takes longer and we need to drop by his hotel before midnight, I decided to just transfer all the songs from my phone's memory card to the computer and then to his music player. So I brought my phone and my memory card reader with me.

We were successful in transferring all the songs from my MMC to the desktop, after which I removed the reader from the USB socket and placed it on my desk. There was this kid who was making "usi" while we were busy doing the file transfers. Never did I thought that his "usiness" will turn into stealing. I was too engrossed with what I was doing that I didn't realize he had already taken it and left the premises. Tsk. What has become of our youth nowadays?

I did't really mind losing the memory card reader; it was more the MMC that was still inside the reader that I'm so irked about until now. It has photos, videos, messages, important numbers, games, and other mobile softwares. I'm thankful that it does not have any "scandalous" material of any sort that concerns me. LOL. Man, equilibrium, the yin and yang, homeostasis seemed to have work its way tonight. I had a great time though spending the day with my brother, and it overshadows this loss. Besides I can still buy a new MMC. I just hope they won't be spreading my cam-whoric pictures around. He-he.