Reliving Poetic Days

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, November 26, 2007 with 5 comments
Back in 2000-2001, I wrote poems I posted in various poetry sites where amateurs (like me) and published poets from all over the globe can read and comment on. I just wanted to check some of those sites now (because I have already forgotten them) and read my poetry from the yesteryears. So on Google, I just searched a line of poetry I penned that I'm mighty proud of, "Oh Never Again." Mighty proud because it's one of my poems that got commented a lot on. Then I stumbled upon All Poetry where I posted my poems under the name Luke Skywalker. My smile is from ear to ear. At first, I thought somebody plagiarized my work, seriously. It was not until I checked Luke's profile that I said, "Yeah, it's me." The account is just too old that I'm like 19 when I first registered an account there. I have even forgotten what my username and password were.

It's nice reading through the comments, and the ones I wrote too, that it's a good ol' blast from the past. Reading some of my works then today, they need an itsy-bitsy fine-tuning, just to reduce the corniness and make it more "lit." From all of the poems I wrote then, I only consider four as "poetry" poetry. Some are just writings of a teenager overwhelmed with emotions that he just had to write them on paper. But hey, I mulled over on some of the corny ones too.

If you have read my work, they rhyme. I just love writing the classic way. I tried doing free verse one time (I have high regard for poets doing this because personally speaking, I find it hard), but my attempt ended up--guess what?--rhyming and became a sonnet instead.

Hmmm. I can slowly feel that the writer's block (related entry here) is slowly crumbling into pieces. Some more time maybe then I'll be back after a lengthy "poetic" hiatus. Crossed fingers.

Posting some of my old works...

For You My Friend

For a friend who's always there
I haven't thanked you enough
O'er trials I couldn't bear
You were there to lift me up
Round my jokes that no one cared
You were there to strike a laugh
You my friend were always there
And I couldn't thank you enough

On torrential rains that came
And on gloomy sails I fared
Under pressures I've not tamed
And monstrosities I dared
Mellowed maladies I faced
Festooned memories I grew
You were there with me always
And for this my friend I thank you

For with you I shared laughter
For with you I shared my pain
Right through my tears you shelter
And right through my joys remain
In each glen that I ascend
And each fall that I've been through
Ever were you there my friend
And I thank Him for giving you

Now ne'er do feel down again
When each rainbow hue seems blue
Dear friend be it sun or rain
I too will be there for you.

Note: The first letters of each odd-numbered line spell out the title. I purposely made it that way to add a more personal touch. Somebody commented that this "could be a Hallmark card, but it's too long." Enough said. Kupal. Ha-ha.


Perchance the moon shines amidst the starry sky
Keeping me warm when the heavens gloom over me
Perchance the eastern rays burst a churning high
Whilst the loneliness weeps still in each day that be

Perchance the breeze whispers in the stillness
To bring the avowals left aglow in each yesterday
Perchance the birds croon in sweet nothingness
Murmuring each word that I have longed to say

Perchance this love once loved glistens still
In each wave that meets with the sands of time
Perchance this love once loved in loving will
Keep aflame this feeling etched in kindling rhyme

Perchance I may not bring back the love of hers
Once nestled, once nurtured in the clasps of chance
Perchance my heart and the loveliness of hers
Will in each passing time return, perchance.

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