Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, November 05, 2007 with 2 comments
One of the things that I have been anticipating for in the last eight months is the release of my credential evaluation certificate from the FCCPT. I just learned awhile back that it has been mailed by the credentialing body last October 23 and will soon be arriving in my mailbox a few days from now. The processing only takes about 16 weeks, so I was expecting that I’d get the certificate in the last week of June since it was filed last March. But because our school registrar overlooked (purposely failed more like it) to send back a TOR validation request the FCCPT sent to them a month or so after the initial filing, the release of the result has been delayed this much. You can only just imagine how long eight months is and the things that could have been accomplished to expedite the processing of my work visa.

Now, I don’t know what reaction I will get upon finding what the result will be. I am the first that I know from our school who has applied for an FCCPT evaluation for the state of Maryland. My academic qualification will be evaluated, with the bulk based on our course syllabus, and my school credentials may or may not pass the stringent measures that the state has for foreign-trained physical therapists. If I do not get an FCCPT certificate with a visa screen that my employer applied me for, everything that I have gone through and spent for – the review, the TOEFL, the fees for the verification of school credentials and professional license – will go down the drain, along with my future as a physiotherapist in the States.

I’m naturally a pessimist, and I can’t help to feel so. This is just one of the first few steps in the application process, and I still have a very long way to go, the NPTE being the acme of it all. And to fail this early, what a disappointment it sure will be. Well, there’s nothing really that I can do if God wills otherwise, right? But why not be teeming with optimism in the meantime, Bairuz? And what? Hope for the best? Hmm, my fingers are crossed.