Jasmin Engracia sa Bahay ni Kuya

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 with 105 comments
Woo-hoo. If anybody watched PBB Season 2 last night, you must have seen Jasmin Engracia, the newest housemate to be introduced sa bahay ni Kuya. She’s from our school before. She took up the first two years of her nursing course in Brent Hospital after she moved to Davao to pursue her studies. Well, I’ll be straight to the point. She’s my “Ultimate Crush” in college. Wehehehe. I remember I used to call her through her Sun number for months, but after I lost my phone, I just lost contact. Now, having heard the news weeks before she made her grand entrance in PBB, I was very much surprised and, of course, happy for her. She’ll now be a celebrity (read: artista). I surmise she’s actually destined for that. She bagged the beauty pageant tilt of our school and she also has the Ms. Zamboanga title under her belt. Now she’s about to invade our very homes. Like Kuya, I’m now omnipresent (as far as the PBB is concerned). Stalker na to! Wehehehe.

If she gets to be nominated for eviction, let’s all support her. Doesn’t matter much to me if she won’t bring home the bacon, I want for her to stay there a little longer. Jasmin, best of luck!