I'm Sorry It's Declined!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 with 4 comments

Have you ever seen one of those movies where the actor hands his credit card to the waiter or the hotel receptionist and after swiping the card, gives it back to him saying "Declined" and then cuts it into two? Well, that actually happened to me when I bought this gadget recently (thankfully it was not scissored into pieces... LOL).

So there I was at SM Appliance Center torn between a Sanyo Digital Camera and a Kodak Easy Share. I really wanted to get one since I love taking pictures, and my phone's sleazy 1.3MP is fast becoming a thing of the past. I decided on a 5 or 6MP camera for I plan of getting the SLR types in the future considering those cost between 30K-50K. When I learned that the features of the Sanyo Digital Camera are not at par with what I have in mind and that it doesn't even come with a free SD card, I opted for the Easy Share. I have to give two thumbs up to the saleslady for she really did a good job in convincing me to buy it even though I could do so at a later time.

Everything went smoothly. The saleslady explained things like the features of the camera, what battery to use, the warranty, and others and then carefully packed it and gave me a piece of paper that I need to present to the cashier for payment. There, I told the cashier that I'll put it on my credit card since I seldom keep cash on hand. After swiping the card, I was told what every cardholder doesn't want to hear: I'm sorry it's declined. I was surprised because my card has not been declined in the past and embarassed because the customer behind me was staring at me with a "look" transfixed on his face. Nervous because of this first-time experience, I called the bank and asked why. The person on the other line said that it could not do the transaction because with the price of the camera, the credit limit would be maxed out. I was furious. How could that be when I paid for some of my account balance just a few days ago? I even told her what this experience had brought me because of this glitch in their system. She said that since I paid for the balance on a holiday, the computer has not yet reflected it on my account statement and would be able to do so the following night. Imagine hearing that. I didn't want to leave the place not paying for the camera and to be discomfited even more, so I asked if I could use the available funds on the card and pay for the other amount through my debit card. Thankfully she said it's possible if the merchant agrees to that kind of transaction, which they did too. End of story.

Oh, well. Lesson learned: Do not pay your balance on a holiday. Hehe.

The picture quality and the ease of use, not to forget the affordability of it, makes this a practical find this holiday. Now I'm planning of getting my mom one too.