Heroes' Episode Eight: The Best of the Season So Far

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, November 20, 2007 with 3 comments
While uploading Heroes' Cautionary Tales, its ninth episode for this season, I just have to say my piece on "Four Months Ago" that I just finished watching. This has to be the best episode of the season so far. The producers should have made this the premiere episode because with "Four Months Later," there were a lot of questions left hanging that some viewers just found it, I think, excruciating to continue watching as the storyline progresses. I guess this and the less action was the reason why the first few episodes didn't rate.

Heroes Episode Eight

In "Four Months Ago," we see what the story is behind Alejandro and Maya's exodus to the U.S. and their reason for finding Suresh, how DL died and the new persona that has taken control over Nikki, what happened to Peter after season one's finale and why he ended up where he was in "Four Months Later," and Adam--well, he brings a lot of new questions to how this season will play out, but this time the questions make me anticipate the succeeding episodes. I can't help but ask, is he really the villain because of the threat he made to Hiro back in Feudal Japan (Yes, Adam is Takezo Kensei)? However, we seem to get a different answer with episode eight as he was portrayed as the one who helped Peter escape (which was really Peter's doing) from the Company premises. And the Company? What is really their main objective? In one of Peter's visions, we see that a virus has taken the lives of almost everyone in future Earth, and I reckon the vaccine the Company makes is the source of it all. And where does Sylar's character fit into all these? And Noah Bennet, Claire's father, is he really one of the bad guys now? He seemed to have this sinister image on him in recent episodes that will make you think he has some vested interests other than Claire's safety.

With only 11 episodes for this season brought about by the strike of the Writer's Guild of America, it's likely will get answers to our questions in the coming weeks or none at all.
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