Groggy Monday

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, May 07, 2007 with No comments

I’m in a different work shift now. I’ve stayed in the 12:00-9:00 sked for almost a year (NHO was 2:00-10:00 pm, same thing with client specs), so I’m sort of used to it. Leaving home for work at 10:30, go home at 9 plus, or pass by somewhere around that time. Then I’d sleep till 9:00 am. Having heard of the new sked last week, I just had to make changes with my body clock. I’m such a night person; not that I go for night outs and stuff. I’m insomniac. I usually have these sleep-wake cycles from midnight to about like 5:00 am. In fact earlier, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning (1:00 till 3:00) after having slept around 11:00! And to think I had to ready myself for work around 4:30! I woke up at past 5:00 even though I set the alarm of my phone to bring me out of Neverland on a time enough to prep myself up for work and not be late. And as expected, I was. I’m not sure if I get to keep up with this new sked. I’ll probably be late till this rotation ends. Honestly, I don’t friggin care. Mwehehehe. B-)