Christian Rock Songs

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 with No comments

I was invited to a fellowship one time by a friend. Being somebody from a different religion I was hesitant. “There is a concert afterwards,” she said. It’s not the concert that urged me to go there though. It was the ennui I often feel during my rest days from work. So having nothing better much to do, I went to see my friends, and before I know it, I just found myself sitting amongst Christians in Araneta.

When the service started, honestly, it was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever experienced. The singers were budging everybody to rise up, to sing along, clap or raise their hands. But I didn’t do none of those (well, except to stand up). I just hoped I didn’t look disrespectful of their faith. I asked my friend if I did, she said that it’s okay. What would be more awkward was to see me, a non-Christian, doing just the things I mentioned. Well, she had a point there.

The service started with songs that sounded very good to me. So here goes a link to a playlist. The selections are Christian rock songs, but the tracks are general in nature. By that, there were no mention of any specific God, making these songs, in a way, for everyone.
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