Bossa N' D'Sound

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, November 30, 2007 with 3 comments
Woot. Finally got a copy of Bossa N' D'Sound after blogging about being on a cd haunt for it (related entry here). What sets this cd apart from other Bossa N' [Artist Name Here], is that the renditions are done by D'Sound themselves. The album for me is like the band's Greatest Hits collection; however, the selections are done bossa-style (and I'm not complaining). It's just nice to hear D'Sound songs we're familiar with--Tattooed on My Mind, Smooth Escape, Talkin' Talk, People are People--as well as others done for a particular niche of listeners--us--who appreciate bossa music. Get a copy. This is one album that is great to listen to with a hot cup of coffee, with the lights dim, on a cozy bed, and the volume set max. Bossa N' D'Sound, it's a great find.

In the meantime, you can listen to the full album here.

Sidenote: I've been exposed to a lot of music genres, subtypes, what have yous ever since I worked in the radio industry for some time, and I first discovered bossa when I spun for the station's jazz program. The Girl from Ipanema and Aguas de Marco are the songs that really introduced me to this type of Brazilian music. Now we have a lot of bossa artists and albums out there that with all the commercialism this genre is getting, it's fast (sadly) becoming a fad, and to think this has been around since the late '50s. Fad or not, bossa music is here to stay. Thumbs up to Sitti for spearheading the bossa movement in the country.

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