Basang-Basa sa Ulan

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 with No comments

Class postponed. A simple text saying those very words would have been enough. But no. When I got to the review center with these big I-want-to-sleep-now circles hovering around my eyes from having slept only four hours yesterday, this is the news that I got. Fine, I couldn’t blame the reviewer for not being able to make it to the center because of “baha” brought upon by the heavy downpour that just came out of nowhere. Me bagyo ba? If I knew that beforehand, I would have expected that this would turn out, or the least I could have done was bring an umbrella with me. Heto tuloy, I’m humming that Aegis song. Basang-basa sa... Heheh.

So here I am somewhere in Espana at 10:43, surfing, blogging, waiting for the rain to finally stop so that I can go home and have a badly needed rest. Thinking about it now, I just wasted my energy coming all the way to Welcome Rotonda (I even braved the rain just so I won’t be late), ang aking tumataginting na pamasahe from Makati to Manila then to Taguig maya konti, and not to forget my SOOO PRECIOUS TIME. I could have used the entirety of this day making tulo laway in my bed.

Well, I just hope that I can keep up with the current schedule I have imposed upon myself: work from 8:30pm-5:30am Sunday to Friday, review center from 8:00am-noon (sometimes till 1:00pm) from Monday to Saturday for the next three months, sleep from 2:00pm (that’s if I even get home ALIVE) till 6:00pm or 7:00pm, and gimik kung meron man, which is very unlikely given the current situation... all these for ONLY three letters affixed after our name if we successfully hurdle a US licensure exam--RPT.

I know this review will do me good while waiting for the credential evaluation report, which will be out this month hopefully, and the immigrant visa application and processing, which I was told takes 68 years, figuratively. LOL . This undertaking will definitely brush up my already deteriorating PT knowledge after not having practiced in a LOOOOONG time. So I'm doing this to prepare myself for what lies ahead even if this will make me zombie-ish in the next three months. So help me God.

Finally. The sun has shone once again, the rain has stopped, my Internet time is up, and I'm done singing... AEGIS. Mwehehe. I'm off to home now. Tulo laway na lang ako sa FX. LOL.
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