Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, November 01, 2007 with No comments

It’s Halloween and the Offline morning shift, the original team I belonged to before requesting to be moved to graveyard, had their spooky garbs on for the account-organized costume contest.

Looking at this photo, I think they had quite a grand time. I like the picture because even though I was not present at the time this was taken, I was with them in "spirit." LOL. The wonders of Photoshop. Thanks, Carl.

For our part, the Offline GY just had our group picture taken for the contest, our theme being “modern” vampires. I think it was awful (hehe). I’m not rooting for the team to win honestly because of the general blandness of the costume. But at least the group participated in that as well as in the decoration of our work area. That’s what matters.

One team, one goal. Happy Halloween.