About a Bag

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 with 4 comments

So I'll get a stylish new bag from my credit card company since I qualified for their promo. I'm yet to find out if the bag is really "stylish" as they advertised it. To qualify for the promo, well, you just have to spend like P10,000 (huwaaaat) worth of accumulated purchase in one promo month. I actually was behind 2,000. So before the month ends, I went shopping! Hehe. But it's not really the bag I'm after. I meant to buy some new stuff for myself. I figured, might as well buy them during the promo month to get the freebie, right?

I like the new clothes I bought: a tee and a hoodie from this one store I frequent. Before going there, I dropped by some other clothing line only to be disappointed. It seems that they have ran out of good ideas for t-shirt prints. Upon seeing cool tees from this one store, I've decided not to get them. I wouldn't be able to wear them to work anyway since some people from the office seem to get their share of tees from that store as well (related entry here). I was planning on a pair of Converse, but it wasn't within budget. So I went with the clothes instead.

I was still short by a couple of hundred bucks (huwaaaat). So in my resolve to spend at least P2,000, I bought a designer umbrella. I had purchased P100-worth umbrellas in three different occasions only to throw them away after just a month's use because they couldn't stand the strong winds. There was this one time where, on my way to work, my cheap umbrella was blown from the inside out. Talk about embarassing moments, huh? Lesson learned: Invest in a sturdier, windproof umbrella. Now that a low pressure area is threatening to become another storm, this really becomes a necessity.

I still have plans, though, of doing prints myself so I no longer have to worry about bad prints or having the same t-shirt with somebody else OR buying clothes just to get a bag. LOL. We actually had a printing course in our T.H.E. class in fourth year high school. Even if the means used are already passé (c. 1998), they may still come in handy. I've also seen some plain tees with top-quality fabric. Might venture into this in the future. But in the meantime, I'll get my stylish bag. God willing, I might even bag a cruise. Sweet.