An Update of a Tragedy and Prayers

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, October 21, 2007 with No comments
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Last Friday, an explosion rocked a part of a big mall that is frequented by the young urban professionals and the ordinary Juans and Marias in Makati City, Glorietta 2. From the four who were initially reported to have died in that unthinkable incident, the number has now reached to 12, add to that the countless others who had shrapnel wounds and injuries from falling debris. What everybody feared became true. Yes. It was a bomb. The authorities have found residue of what seems to be chemicals used in the making of explosives, and the impact of the blast alone is enough to confirm such introspection. Nobody has yet taken responsibility for this act of terrorism. Conspiracy theorists are saying that the government “may” have a part in this to allegedly divert attention to the recent “gift”-giving fiasco and the charter change issue that the current administration wants to revive. The ASG also comes into the scene, although they are yet to confirm or deny such allegation. Now, text messages like the one below are spreading like hot pancakes.

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It is sad that people have to lose their lives for the ideals of others. I'm sure those who were left by the parting of the twelve innocent people will greatly cherish the memories they had with them. Our prayers for the bereaved and for the souls of those whose lives were taken senselessly by the actions of few are one with the rest of the Filipino community. May they rest in peace in the presence of the Lord.

• Anthony Arroyo
• Jose Allen de Jesus
• Maria Celeste Domingo Cruz
• David Enriquez
• Liza Enriquez
• Jee Ann De Gracia
• Janine Marcos
• Lester Allan Peregrina
• Reinier Tan
• NiƱo Caesar Vidamo
• Maureen de Leon
• Ricardo Betras