Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 with 17 comments
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What the... These CSRs just occupied seats near our workspaces (sandwiching us) and they’re LOUD. FYI, we work in a captioning company where we do transcripts and then make those into captions or subtitles for collegiate and instructional videos, TV programs, documentaries, and even movies. For that, we need to have a workplace that is conducive to our line of business, meaning SILENCE.

Bosses, we all know that our account is not that high profile compared to those of calls, but we are still at your employ. Heck, some of the files have audio quality that are too bad (an understatement) that you just want to literally break the keyboard into two... and now this?! We can hear every word that comes out of their mouths even if we have the volumes on our very bulky headphones on max.

For God's sakes, this is not helping. Do something! Transfer us back to JAKA puhlease!
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