Local Networks Suck: Why I Switched Channels During the Pacquiao-Barrera Rematch

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, October 07, 2007 with No comments

God, I hate how this rematch was so commercialized. Forgive me for not having Solar Sports on my boob tube or contracted PPV on the Internet or cable TV. For this reason, I had to be contented in having to watch the match on GMA 7. The station surely had made millions of pesos having Motolite, Metrostar, SMB, Ginebra, a pantapal sa bubong ad, a pig feed commercial, et al., flashed on the TV every now and then. Even during the singing of the national anthems, do they really have to break and go on very long commercials in between the three renditions (Himno Nacional Mexicano, Lupang Hinirang, and Star-Spangled Banner)? By the time the fight was on its first third on GMA’s telecast, Pacquiao has already won. Can you believe that? There was no longer the excitement, the sense of anticipation. Okay, I get that this is a marketing strategy on the part of the network. But could they have shown it LIVE first and just made a primetime airing afterwards? Some OTHER networks are doing it? I guess they probably wouldn’t buck as much.

Anyhow, the only consolation for those who had no choice but to watch the grueling telecast on GMA is having seen Pacquiao win. For almost two hours (on GMA), both seasoned boxers gave their best (this being the last fight of Barrera). But in the end, it was a unanimous decision in favor of our Pambansang Kamao. Well, I was actually opining the outcome if he didn’t win. That surely would be such a loss on his part, not to mention “it” being the talk of everyone for eons to come. Good thing my being a pessimist didn’t work for Pac-Man. Hehe. If there is one thing, though, that Pacquiao has given every Filipino in the world, it’s the rekindling of national pride--Proud of being Pinoy!

Sidenote: Did Ara really think that she could pull off what Kyla did when she (Kyla) sang Lupang Hinirang? I think the answer is rather obvious.
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