A Bagful of Money-Goodies: A Bribery?

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, October 15, 2007 with No comments
The headline in tonight’s news: Two governors confirmed receipt of a bag full of cash (from Malacanang nonetheless) containing half a million pesos each. This big payola was handed over to them for use, accordingly, in countryside development projects. A blunder in the part of the GMA administration is that one of the recipients is a priest, Father Ed Panlilio, incumbent governor of Pampanga. Now he is all over primetime news.

Photo from ABS-CBN Interactive

The DBM said that the doled out money is not part of their budget allocation, which makes the Marias and the Juan dela Cruzes ask, were the governors who attended the luncheon meeting held on Malacanang grounds bribed to support a stupendous Malacanang-sponsored impeachment complaint? Senator Biazon is saying the government is doing everything to cover up these “gifts” by reviving charter change, an issue that the majority of Pinoys is opposed to considering that the powers that be may bend the law to lengthen their stay in office and power.

From what I learned, there are about 48 governors who attended the luncheon meeting. So minus Fr. Ed Panlilio and Gov. Joselito Mendoza of Bulacan (the other governor), we have 46 others who either did not receive any bag of money-goodies from Santa Glo, are afraid to come out because of severing ties with the administration, or are somewhere in an exotic place doing God knows what with the people’s money. IMAO.