Vanessa Hudgens Nude!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, September 17, 2007 with 71 comments

You came to the right place. Hehe.

Above is Vanessa Hudgen’s controversial nude photo that could either make or break the Fil-Am’s showbiz career. I made some tweaking though. LOL. I like to refer to my site as “wholesome.” And I think I did a pretty damn job in making her appear as such, what with this foxy, fiery red bikini. Thankfully I did this after the break of fast, lest I would have just wasted one fasting day.

The pic was supposedly for her boyfriend Zac Effron, who she co-starred with in the made-for-kids-and-the-youngs-at-heart musicale “High School Musical,” as a surprise photo (and huwaat a surprise it sure was, Zac!). Now this, as well as others, is everywhere.

Vanessa’s decision to confirm and her subsequently apology for what she’d done were lauded by most critics as it showed that she took full responsibility (which most, under the same situation, wouldn’t) over her, what Disney calls, "lapse in judgment." Well, Vanessa should be the epitome of TRUTH for everybody out there who denies ever having nude photos/videos of their own circulating on mobile phones, the Internet, or in Quiapo as VCDs/DVDs (hehehe). IMAO, Vanessa should take advantage of this. If it weren’t for this scandal, I won’t even know her name!

For unedited photos, click here.
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