Dear Candidate: A Letter from the FSBPT President to the Pinoy PT

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May 23, 2007

Dear Candidate,

As you may be aware, the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), which develops and administers the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) has been working with prosecutors and government officials from the Philippines and the United States to address the unlawful trafficking of NPTE Questions (known as "recalled items") by Philippine exam preparation centers. In connection with the criminal prosecution of one of these test centers, FSBPT has now received materials seized in a January 2007 raid of two test centers and has confirmed that live questions from past NPTE exams are, in fact, being provided to costumers of these test centers. The seized materials also contain the names of individuals who have attended these review courses which may have resulted in these individuals receiving an undue advantage in sitting for the NPTE. Although we have specific names of individuals from these two exam preparation centers, we also have information that leads us to conclude that the trafficking of recalled items occurred at other Philippine exam preparation companies and the exposure may be much broader.

As a result, effective May 16th, scores of all candidates graduating from Philippine physical therapy education programs and authorized to sit for the National Physical Therapy Examination by jurisdiction will be held and not reported to candidates or jurisdictions pending a full investigation of these matters. These actions, while regrettable, are necessary until we can assess the effect of these unlawful practices. There is no known time frame for this investigation, but all efforts will be made to expedite this process.

FSBPT will fully investigate these matters, psychometrically analyze data, and seek input from the testing community, legal staff, jurisdictions and government authorities of the Philippines.

We see that you have graduated from a Philippine Physical Therapy education program and are currently registered for the NPTE, but have not yet taken the exam. At this time, you have two options:

1. You may request a full refund of the NPTE test fee if you elect to cancel or postpone sitting for the NPTE. If you would like to refund, please fill out the attached form and mail or fax it back to the address indicated with a copy of this letter. FSBPT will contact you when the investigation has been completed and scores are again being released to jurisdictions.

2. You may continue to schedule and sit for the NPTE. However, your score will be held and not reported to the jurisdiction where you are seeking licensure until FSBPT has completed the statistical analysis required. FSBPT will contact you with the status of your score once the investigation has been completed.

FSBPT does not take this action lightly, as these matters affect the entire US physical therapy profession. Moreover, we recognize that these matters may impact the reputation of the Philippines' physical therapy programs and the honest candidates who desire to obtain licensure in the United States. Mindful of these potential consequences, rest assured that the Federation is taking all possible measures to resolve the inappropriate and illegal use of recalled questions in accurate, fair and prompt manner.

E. Dargan Ervin, Jr., PT


Well, as I have not yet registered for the NPTE, I have not received this letter. But since this is now available online, I decided to repost it to let any Pinoy PT know about this and the current issue we are faced with. This letter explains the decision of the FSBPT and their action against Pinoy PTs. Some lines were highlighted for emphasis.