TMNT: A Review

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And the turtles are back. It’s like being in a time machine, transporting us back to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when these guys filled our boob tube. Leonardo, the courageous leader and devoted martial arts student; Raphael, the angtsy anti-hero; Donatello, the genius; and Michelangelo, the Cowabunga-funny one. These four guys will surely bring a new meaning to the word “nostalgia.”

[Spoiler Alert]

The plot is not that new. A myth has it that a great warrior has discovered a portal that will unleash monsters that will help him to conquer the world. When the portal opened, it did unleash the monsters (13 of them) and, in the process, it turned him immortal and made all his generals into stones, foiling his plan to rule the world-over.

Fast forward to the present. Leonardo has been tasked to go on training by Master Splinter (he reminds me of Master Yoda of the Star Wars). There was some inner battle that Leonardo has, not deciding to go back to the city even though his training has ended. This not-wanting-to-return-home issue has created a rift between Leonardo and his brother Raphael, who, during his absence, has been helping curb the crime problem by being some sort of a vigilante that goes by the name “The Nightwatcher.” After April talked some senses to Leonardo in the jungles of South America—very predictable—he returns back home.

Now Max Winters (he actually is that “great warrior”), a very rich Tech-Industrialist, has found all of his “stone” generals with the help of the unknowing April. It seemed that he wanted to rekindle his failed attempt of building a powerful empire. He also sought the help of Karai, a faithful Shredder follower and who now leads the Foot Clan, to find all of the 13 monsters. But it’s not as it seemed to be—this rekindling-the-passion-of-wrecking-havoc to the denizens of the Earth.

Haha. I have probably spoiled everything for you. So I’ll stop now. I would have written a nobela if I included everything (I’m actually like that). I think it’s safe to say that it was a happy ending for all. And there was some mention of “people from the past” coming back. So maybe we can expect a Shredder comeback in the next CGI-TMNT installment.

Well, this film, in a nutshell, is about brotherhood, leadership, and penance. And—oh, I forgot—reliving old memories. The Turtles is what we had in the ‘90s as what animes are for today’s generation. So it’s a fitting tribute to go see them. Recommended with three stars.
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