Lounging at Work

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, January 03, 2007 with No comments

Downtime at work becomes less of a bore thanks to sites that allow me to listen to cool lounge/chillout music that I would not have known of if not for www.pandora.com.

Back then it was only rock, rock, and more rock. I limited my musical preferences to this genre because I didn't want to be associated with other types of music. After all what you listen to reflects who you are in real life, so they say.

Then came the advent of lounge for me. I came to know of this auricular delectable genre when I chanced upon a site, www.pandora.com, which is much like Yahoo! Launch where you can rate songs, bands, albums the succeeding playlists of which will be based on your rating. Putting Bjork there introduced me to artists like Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, Moodorama, Tina Dickow, Massive Attack--boy, it was a massive wealth of great, cool, soothing music.

My ears were not satiated with just listening to songs played by Pandora (which at times gets to be repeated) so I began researching (thanks for my being a transcriptionist, wehehe) for sites that play ONLY chillout/lounge music. In my adamant wandering, I found out www.buzzoutroom.com and www.groovera.com, both great, cool sites that audiostream the best songs from a wide variety of chill/lounge artists--commercial free! Soon it was a mental overload of songs I've never heard of before... "soundtrip" at its best.

This genre may not be for all as we all have preferences of our own (I don't mind if you still have Britney or the Backstreet on). But give it a hear, you might just discover a whole new world of music where you feel all your tensed muscles give way to the relaxing beats that this genre has to offer. Soon you'll find your mind wandering, and I tell you, you would want to ask for more.
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